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Beledo is blindingly virtuosic without being overbearing and his solos come off like silk.
— September, 2013 Curtis Smith on The Avengers, On A mission
While some young guitarists in fusion-land can tend to over-rely on technique, his restraint is very striking, playing exactly what's needed, and most importantly, with true and focused fervor. — June, 2013 Mark Keresman on The Avengers, On A Mission
Beledo is the epitome of excellent musical individuality and a profound example of the universality of jazz's presence and influence in every corner of our planet. His new recording, Montevideo Jazz Dreams, exemplifies this and more.
One listen to Beledo's playing should convince you that he has the potential to become one of the most respected fusion composers of the 80's.
— Mike Varney, March 1984
Beledo plays mostly jazz-influenced rock; he has enough talent to provide for both musical forms. When he comes to manifest his own coined style, preferably leaning towards jazz (of course) he will be a monster like his mentors. — Michael Fagien, May 1984
Beledo is considered a real myth among Uruguayan music connoisseurs, from the distant times of SIDDARTHA, DIAS DE BLUES, and his memorable gig with OPA. — Elbio Rodriguez Barilari, March 1997

Beledo plays that instrumental music of a clear Uruguayan cut without the need of sounding like anyone else. There were things like EL TIEMPO (MILONGA NOCTURNA) or his DANZA URUGUAYA guitar solo that reached a very high level, leaving more than one dropping their jaws including myself.
— Montevideo, March 1997
The growth of SIDDARTHA was so potent that it came to be considered a legend, nowadays whoever has a pirate recording of one of their concerts, it's sure worth gold.
— Montevideo, March 1997
. . . Beledo, one of the most talented Uruguayan composers of the last few decades.
— March, 1997
. . this Uruguayan virtuoso whose hands and instrument can transmit ideas with great inspirational force.
— Montevideo, November 1982

. . . Beledo's guitar, as impeccable as always. — Montevideo 1982

At this point in this country, anyone who loves good music must be aware of the talent of this phenomenal guitarist.
— Montevideo, 1983
This is a music that discovers the most intimate Uruguayan-ness, the most fresh, and it is presented with no inhibitions. Beledo has a special kharma, peace, and calmness that is reflected in his music and the other members of the band. — April, 1997

The undeniable number one guitarist in our country. — June 1990
. . . the virtuosity of the exceptional guitarist Beledo. . . — November, 1982
. . . the exceptional guest Beledo on guitar. . . — February 1988
Beledo has become what could be considered great. In our opinion he is one of the best in South America. — March, 1983

The special appearance of Beledo brought taste, swing, and refinement to the band's concept.
— February, 1988 Forlan Lamarque on OPA, Montevideo concert review
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